Ex-Google engineer warns about technological Armageddon

In the video below, you can see something me, and a lot of others have known for many years. Tristan Harris is using relatively technical terms, and a highly scientific language, but basically what he is saying, to translate it into laymen terms, is the following.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of Silicon Valley, is basically implementing the zombie apocalypse, to maximise their own profit

He could have used terminology such as MK-Ultra, Mind Control, brainwashing, deep mind hypnosis, and told us that his former employee is basically destined to implement technological Armageddon, in order to sustain profit, and please their share holders – Without actually needing to be anymore straight forward than what he is, but of course, that would have been counter productive, since most would have dismissed him as crazy if he did. Still, what I just described, is what he is actually describing as the inevitable destiny of all Silicon Valley companies, due to their business model, which is based upon stealing our agency, free will, and control our minds, to sell ads.

But hey, don’t take my words for it. Check out what Tristan Harris is saying, in front of thousands of people at TED, and realise that the guy used to be one of the bad guys himself previously. He should know what he’s talking about …

Pay particular notice to the end, where he says the following.

Their only way to continue on this path, is to work further down into our reptilian brains

That sentence basically translates into; In order for Google, Facebook and Twitter, etc, to continue making a profit, they’re forced into making humanity behave like animals, inevitably resulting in either the zombie apocalypse, or the destruction of Google and Facebook before that happens …

But hey, don’t take my words for it. Log onto Facebook, and check it out for yourselves …


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