Slot machines, heroin and Facebook

My name is Thomas Hansen. I am a social media addict. I have been clean now for almost a year. What is your name?

Question; What does slot machines, heroin, and Facebook have in common? Answer; They all play upon the same reward systems within the human brain. When you play on a slot machine and win, your brain will release endorphines, which makes you temporarily happy, and gives you a feeling of relief. Soon you will be willing to increase the stakes to gain an effect, due to that your brain becomes conditioned to the chemical, and you will slowly gamble your life away, one quarter at the time.

Heroin basically works more or less the same way, and so does Facebook, Google and Twitter. In fact, most Silicon Valley companies are basically nothing but fancy slot machines, consciously created to play upon your brain’s reward system, to create addiction, that makes you voluntarily hand over your soul, in exchange for a couple of “likes”, and a temporary feeling of being “popular”. It’s the exact same mechanisms that are triggered in your brain when it comes to both heroin, slot machines, and Facebook.

For the record, there are a couple of exceptions in the Silicon Valley, such as WordPress, GitHub and CouchSurfing, that consciously avoids playing on these mechanisms. But for the most parts, most corporations inside of what we refer to as “Silicon Valley” play on these same mechanisms. Their objective is to make you glued to their web site, such that they can sell more ads, and make more money for themselves. To accomplish this, they play upon the deepest emotions within our psyche, the very foundations of what it means to be human; Our craving for being happy, feeling accomplished, and loved by our peers.

If the story ended there, it would be easy for us to fix. Simply have our governments legislate new laws, make Facebook, Google, Twitter, and some of the worst companies in this sector illegal in our civilisations, just like we once did with heroin and some of the worst forms of gambling. However, Mr. Zuckerberg and his friends, have convinced our politicians that he can give them valuable data about “dangers”, such as future terrorist attacks, and in such a way, he is able to also play on our politicians’ fears, and their craving for the same things that we crave for – A need to feel accomplished. So politicians are allowing Facebook to exist, because they falsely believe that Mr. Zucker one day, will pick up the phone, and warn them about a terrorist attack, and such make these same politicians become “heroes”, and feel “accomplished”.

So far, Mr. Zucker has never picked up any phones, and in fact never been able to prevent an actual terrorist attack. However, what he has been doing, is to facilitate for radicalisation of young men, with no future, and no reasons to live. Which of course has resulted in literally a shit storm of terrorist attacks, all across Europe, US, and the rest of the world. If you had access to Facebook’s database, I bet you’d see that every single terrorist attack for the last 10 years, was somehow facilitated for, due to the terrorist having been radicalised over Facebook. Most of these attacks would never have happened, if it hadn’t been for Facebook. Hence, arguably, Mr. Zucker is indirectly responsible for every single terrorist attack, at least in the western hemisphere, for the last 10 years or so. And now the guy is apparently going to run for the presidency of the USA. Maybe his tagline would be …

“We still live in a dangerous country”

If Mr. Zucker becomes the president of the USA, he will become the most powerful man to ever have walked this Earth. First of all, he controls the minds and souls of roughly 2 billion people. Secondly, he is literally “richer than God”. In addition, he would hold all legislative powers in the USA, if he were to win. This would make him more powerful than Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, and the Catholic Pope, *combined*! He would literally become the closest this world has ever been to a man with absolute power! He’d basically become “the Antichrist”, if such a thing exists …

I’ll be the first one to admit it, I’ve been a Facebook junky myself. For roughly 5 years, I was addicted to Facebook. However, about a year ago, I went “cold turkey”. For the record, not because I wanted to, I was actually thrown out of Facebook, because I was “too controversial”. Though for an entire year, I have not had a Facebook account myself. Today my remaining social media account is a simple Twitter account. I will finish this blog, share it on my Twitter account, and then I will log out of Twitter, for then to hopefully never log back in.

My name is Thomas Hansen, I am a recovering social media addict, and I have been participating in the destruction of the world. I have been clean now for almost 365 days. It is nice to meet you. What is your name?

Goodbye fake social media world. I choose life!

BTW, if you’re a politician in Norway, or an intelligence worker, you probably know who I am. 5 years from now, you will see billions of people, doing what I did – It is simply inevitable! I was simply the “canary bird in the cold mine”. Let me ask you a simple question …

Do you really want to see that happen …?


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