Defining environmental friendly software

What can the Buddha teach software developers?

Do me a favour please; Go to your favourite local news website, or log onto Facebook, Twitter, or GMail – And try to consciously measure your stress level and your thoughts as you do. Facts are, most of the web sites you visit during a day, are artificially created to steal your attention, and suck you in, for as long as possible. The reasons are of course that these websites makes their money by selling ads. And the more ads they can show you, the more money they make. The longer they can keep you stuck in front of their websites, the more ads they can show you. Hence, their financial objectives are to “pollute your mind”, with as many thoughts as they can.

Twitter, Facebook, GMail, etc, is not environmental friendly software. Simply because you are their environment, and Facebook and other similar sites, do their best at trying to “hypnotise you”, into spending as much time as they can, in front of their websites. Hence, your mind become “polluted”, with thoughts and ideas, you did not intend for your mind to have.

Environmentally friendly software does not do that. It does not make its money on trying to deceive you into having thoughts or ideas, that you did not want to have in the first place. It contains no ads, no banners, no logos, no sale speech, no “fancy colours”, and does not intrude your mind in any ways. Environmentally friendly software, accepts your right to be left alone, and create your own thoughts, without being polluted by some random vendor, trying to push you into buying some stupid product, you don’t need, and never intended to buy in the first place.

After watching Tristan Harris on, I came to a realisation, which was that instead of trying to trick the human mind into purchasing, I should be focusing on solving people’s needs, while not trying to trick their minds in any ways. I like to refer to this as creating environmentally friendly software. Simply put, because your brain is your computer’s environment, and I do not want to pollute it, with ridiculous thoughts, that you did not intend to have in the first place, artificially created to Zucker you into, buying some stupid shit you did not want to buy in the first place.

And hopefully, with this blog, it is the last time I manage to “trick your mind” into having a new idea. Hopefully, this idea, becomes the last artificially created idea I put into your mind, for as long as you live …


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