All your data belongs to – YOU!

This is what Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s “perfection” inevitably results in.

I am a Star Trek fan. Sorry, I can’t help it, I simply adore Captain Janeway and the rest of the crew on Voyager. My favourite bad guys in Star Trek are the Borg. They have distorted the idea of the meaning of life, into becoming a “quest for perfection”. They’re an extremely technologically advanced society, without procreation, seeking to “assimilate” all other species in the universe. When they attack another specie, it almost always ends up that the entirety of the defending specie ends up like billions of mindless robots, or “drones”.

When a society is “assimilated”, all individuality is lost, free will evaporates, and the mind of the individual enters the “hive mind”, where the individual becomes a mindless drone, seeking to continue the assimilation of other species in the galaxy. Free will is lost, and the individual ends up like a slave to the hive mind. The Borg of course, don’t perceive themselves as evil. Quite the contrary, they believe that they are doing these other species a favour, allowing them to become more perfect, and liberating them from the “slavery” of free will.

The Borg are kind of like Google

In fact, if Star Trek was created today, I betcha that the Borg’s punchline would be the following …

  1. Do no evil
  2. Do no evil
  3. Do no evil

I on the other hand, associate myself more with specie 8472. I believe in free will, individuality, magic, and pure chaos. Hence, one of my goals, is to facilitate for diversity on Earth. Therefor, I have long since made a conscious decision about that I will never “assimilate” your knowledge. By assimilate, I mean stealing it from you, and integrating it into my own hive mind, like the Borg does whenever they assimilate another specie.

Hence, I will never offer you to host your data. In fact, my company’s vision, is diametrically opposed to the idea of hosting other people’s data. First of all, I do not want the temptation of knowing everything about you, or try to change your existing ideas, into become “less evil”. Hence, I simply avoid this temptation, by having made this into an integral part of my business idea. Creating massive mountains of knowledge, centralising it at a handful of locations, is simply fundamentally incompatible with the ideas of free will, individuality, and diversity. It also puts too much power into a handful of individuals hands. Kind of like the Borg Queen, which is depicted at the top of this blog.

This doesn’t imply that I am against having you choose to have some other company hosting your data. Quite the contrary, if I interfered with your free will in these regards, I would be attempting to avoid being evil, inevitably resulting in that I would became evil. If you wish to have another company host your Phosphorus Five apps, then you are perfectly free to do this, and I will (of course) work closely with whomever you choose to host your data – As long as it’s not Google of course … 😉

Therefor …

All your data belongs to YOU!

Kind regards,

Seven of Nine!

Seven of Nine, the first drone to break out of the “collective”, and re-establish individuality, free will, and a personality

But I do agree with the Borg in one thing, which is the following.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, I have three words for you; Resistance is futile!


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