How to become a customer of us

Some of our software products contains military grade cryptography. Data can be many things. It can be corporate secrets, which you are legally allowed to keep as secrets. It can however also be recipes for creating nuclear weapons, or plan out terrorist actions. Therefor, in order for us to not violate EU law, we are obligated to have our customers write us an email, have it cryptographically signed, by a PGP key, that is verified by two witnesses. Exactly how to do this, we will tell you when it is time for us to finalise our agreement. Notice, this does not include customers that are using Phosphorus Five, System42, Micro or the Open Source version of Sephia Five. The reasons are that we are not distributing this cryptography software to anyone directly ourselves. However, some of our other products, include military grade cryptography integrated into the core, and hence we must ask our customers to give us a written legally binding confession of good faith. This email must contain the following text.

I hereby solemnly swear, that I will not use any products I have purchased by T.H. Rose Home Cloud, Ltd to export nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction, plan out terrorist actions, or in any other ways commit criminal actions, that could in any ways make T.H. Rose Home Cloud, Ltd liable for my actions. I also understand that if T.H. Rose Home Cloud, Ltd was to ever find out that I have violated European Law in such a regard, T.H. Rose Home Cloud, Ltd will immediately break all further cooperation with me, and no longer be able to give me support, help, updates, or in any other ways continue the partnership with me and/or my company/organisation. If such a thing were to happen, I understand that T.H. Rose Home Cloud, Ltd will break off all further cooperation, without giving me any refunds for any monetary transactions that have already at that point taken place. This includes also exporting and/or distributing products given to me by T.H. Rose Home Cloud, Ltd to any country currently on the United Nations embargo list, such as North Korea, Al Qaeda, Iran, etc.

When you have sent us an email containing the above text, cryptographically signed, by a PGP key that has been verified by at least two witnesses within your organisation, we are happy to welcome you into our little family.

Kind Regards,

Thomas Hansen


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