How Facebook will collaps

Thank you Mr. Zucker. Greed is too easy, simply feed more … 😉 – And good luck with the Presidency, may you win. You are the best man, we love you, all of us!! 😀

I am fairly good at technical analysis, intended to predict the future, by interpreting current events. There’s nothing magical about my skills, it’s simply an ability to neutrally observe current events and facts, and extrapolate these into the future. Back in 2009 for instance, I predicted the collapse of both Silverlight and Flash, years before it occurred. I almost got it perfectly accurate, also in regards to the time axis, and only missed by a couple of years, as I predicted the timing.

Today I will make another prediction, which you can pinpoint down to a specific hour of a specific day, in the year of 2020, at which Facebook will completely collapse, and its shares end up on a fire sale. The day is the day of the presidential election of USA, and the hour is when it starts dawning upon people who won the election. To understand why, we must revisit recent history.

In 2011/2012 Facebook performed an experiment on approximately 300-600,000 of its users. They would fill these users’ news feeds, with particularly depressive news and updates. They wanted to see how much leverage they had in regards to changing the moods and minds of its users, and Facebook were flabbergasted by the results, to say the least. Basically, everyone targeted in this experiment, suffered from depression, anxiety – And a much larger percentage of these users than normally, would commit suicide, as a result of that they were only fed negative news about the world, creating a dystopian outlook for their own future, depriving them of all meaning and belief in their own future.

As Mark Zuckerberg starts his run for the US Presidency, he will use these powers to make Facebook into an echo chamber, silencing all opposition against himself, “punishing” anyone who raise critical opinions about his candidacy. Inevitably, a lot of people will initially be critical of having Mr. Zuckerberg accumulate that much power, and will hence raise critical voices, at least initially. Mr. Zuckerberg will at that time do what his nature dictates, which is to silence the opposition with any means possible, which will create an unbearable situation, for those having raised critical voices.

However, these people have neighbours, friends, and family, who can clearly see the pattern, and intuitively understand the reasons for their friends depressions and anxieties. Slowly, the rumour will start spreading, from mouth to mouth, the “old fashion way”, making everyone understand that if they criticise Mr. Zuckerberg on Facebook, they will be punished. Months before the election, it will hence seem to Mark Zuckerberg that he is about to win the US election by a landslide, because all of his statistical analysis concludes with that he has 90% of the votes in America. He will probably celebrate, prematurely, and the whole world will expect him to win – Without realising that while he have created an echo chamber on Facebook, where all critical voices have been apparently silenced, he still doesn’t control people’s actions on election day. Basically, people will at that time, in public, have bullshitted him so much, that Mr. Zuckerberg have started believing their bullshit!

Hence, 90% of the American population, will be thought to be voting for Mr. Zuckerberg, while they really went completely dark, and never shared with anyone who they actually supports. On election day though, the curtain is closed, and they can safely vote for the one they actually wanted to win, without fearing punishment by Mr. Zuckerberg – And hence they will do just that, and never admit publicly they did. As they vote, Mr. Zuckerberg looses by a landslide, and regardless of who the other candidate is, he’s just won the easiest walk over in American history! It could be “Roger Rabbit” on the other side, and he’d still win by a land slide! In fact, if you want to become the President of the USA, simply go up against Mr. Zuckerberg. They’ll basically vote for you, regardless of what you’ve done in your past. Simply because they’re not voting for you, they’ll be voting *against* Mr. Zuckerberg!

As the results of this election is publicly known, Facebook will have very publicly, made a complete fool out of itself, making the whole world realise, that they couldn’t even predict such an extremely easily predictable thing, such as the American President election. At which point advertisers’ will withdraw their support for Facebook, realising that Facebook knows absolutely nothing about its users, and hence are no longer able to target the demographic, that these advertisers pays Facebook to actually target.

A woman who is gay, in her early 20s, might be claiming online on Facebook, that she’s a male heterosexual bus driver, in her late 50s. A system developer, might claim he’s a surgeon, and a single mom, might claim she’s a little boy, 14 years of age – All out of fear for Mr. Zuckerberg getting to know the truth about them. Basically, Mark Zuckerberg, who started out his mission, with the goal of making everyone become, quote “more authentic”, will inevitably have resulted in, that out of 2 billion people, there’s not as much as a single authentic voice left in Facebook’s database.

If you want to have my personal financial advice, then buy shares in Facebook as Mark announces his candidacy, and clean out your entire account, 24 hours before election day! It’s a slam dunk! Basically, it’s money for nothing …


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