Encryption is a human right

Please exercise your rights!

Did you know that it is a human right to use encryption? Article 7 and 8 of EU’s human rights declaration, protects your right to privacy. Article 17 of United Nation’s human rights declaration, further protects your privacy, and hence also to use encryption in your communication. UN’s article 17, even explicitly states “protection of personal data”, and hence arguably states directly that nobody can break into your data, without violating internationally sanctioned human rights.

In America, the 5th Amendment further protects your right to privacy, and a court ruling from USA in November of 2007, actually concluded with that an individual who was facing criminal prosecution, could not be forced to give up his PGP password phrase, since it would violate the 5th Amendment.

These are fundamental rights you have, and nobody can legally coerce you into submitting your data – Not even the police.

Cryptography and privacy is a human right!

If you want to exercise your rights, you can contact us, and ask us how we can help you. We provide among other things a military grade cryptographically secured PGP webmail system, for individuals and corporations, that allows you to have your privacy. See the video below for details about our system.

If you wonder what’s at stake, feel free to watch the next video, that clearly shows you why you should care about your privacy.


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