Is it safe to help the police?

I’ve been doing a lot of research and development into cryptography, and just for fun, I checked to see if I could find a public PGP key for the email addresses, that the Norwegian secret police is using to accept tips from the general public. Guess what, I found none!

This implies that it is actually impossible for the general public to securely help the Norwegian secret police (PST), by giving them tips, without potentially having a whole range of adversaries, being able to read these emails.

In today’s society, where terrorists and cyber criminals have infested literally every single aspect of our lives, this implies, that if a criminal adversary wants to, he could easily pick up the conversations the general public are having with the Norwegian secret police, and use this knowledge to his own advantage.

I do not mean to be rude or blunt to the Norwegian secret police (PST), but such a situation is of course unbearable, and not something a civilised society should be proud about. In fact, in theory, this implies that your neighbours could spoof your WiFi router hotspot, and verify whether or not you are talking to the secret police, and actually read the emails you are sending (and receiving) in plain text.

For the record, this is not unique for the Norwegian secret police, but actually something I have found to be almost consistently lacking, with all major secret police services I have studied. If you wish to verify my claims, you can type in your local secret police’s email address, at the following key server, and search for yourself.

Until this is fixed, I must unfortunately from a security perspective, encourage my readers to avoid helping their local secret police using email. However, you can still call them, or visit your local police station, and tell them in person about what you know. If the Norwegian PST wants to, of course, I hereby offer my help to them, such that they can accept emails that are encrypted with PGP. In fact, I have developed a system that allows for just that. Watch the video below for details about this system.

For the record, the Norwegian secret police, and any other police service, can (of course) contact me, cryptographically secured, with the following public PGP key.



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