Phosphorus Five, Zeus – Developer’s preview release

I’ve been known to use big words, sometimes when they were not valid – However, this is truly exiting stuff! Phosphorus Five is now a fully fledged “web operating system”, with its own native App Store (the Bazar), and allows for a ridiculously easy (and secure) distribution model for your apps.

In addition, I can host your apps for you, in my Bazar, for a fee. But if you’d like to setup your own Bazar, this is as easy as changing a single URL, and creating your own private PGP key. At which point, all users of your software, could have an automatic distribution, download and installation process, of whatever apps you choose to host, in your own personal Bazar. Basically, yup – I’ve created an Open Source and Free Software “AppStore”, which you don’t even need your own server to freakin’ host yourself! 😀

If you’d like to test out the latest Zeus release, and its associated Bazar, feel free to download it here. Please notice two things though.

  • This is a developer’s preview BETA release, not intended for the general public.
  • I might choose to change things and implementation details, meaning if you’d like to start creating stuff, be aware of that some features might change in the final stable release.

To put the importance of this release into context, realise that you only have to download Phosphorus Five, and once it starts up, it will show you a “desktop”, with your installed apps. The first time you start it, this desktop will be initially empty, allowing you to open the Bazar. When you open the Bazar, you can download and install Sephia Five, automatically, within a cryptographically secure context, ensuring you’re not installing malicious code into your system. Below is a screenshot of how the Bazar will look like, during installation of Sephia Five.

For the record, you can still use Phosphorus Five together with System42, since during startup, if System42 is installed, it will “override” the main desktop logic. However, I would encourage you to at the very least check out how the environment looks like, when you only install Phosphorus Five. You can also get entirely rid of the main “desktop”, by simply deleting the “desktop” and “bazar” folders, and create your own [p5.web.load-ui] hook, at which point you’d have a completely empty system, allowing you to create your app(s) entirely from scratch, completely bypassing these features.

I’ll create some videos demonstrating this over the next couple of days, but believe me, you should be exited about this!! 😀

In addition, I have started a new tradition as of today, which you can basically see in the YouTube video below. Basically, if I create a release in the future, and I am not giving you the same sworn testimonial as I do in the video below, you should assume that P5 has been compromised, and that it contains consciously created backdoors, which I have been coerced into creating, on behalf of some intelligence organisation.


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