Your own Micro Web Operating System, with cryptographically secured “AppStore” integration, 100% Free Software and Open Source

Hehe, just did!! 😀

Whoa, this time I have truly outdone myself. I have basically changed the default download of Phosphorus Five to contain a micro web operating system, which comes completely clean out of the box, with only one single “app”, which of course is an “AppStore”, or the Bazar, as I like to refer to it as.

This Bazar allows you to create and distribute, your own web server apps, in a cryptographically secured context, making the system completely secure, when your users installs your apps. You can create as many Bazars as you wish, by simply adding a URL, pointing to your Bazar declaration file, and such pull in apps from multiple Bazars, aggregating the results, such that all apps, from all Bazars, are displayed to the user, allowing him to choose which apps he wants to install on his web server. Then when you’re ready to release a new app, you can simply edit this Bazar configuration file, and all of your existing users, will all of a sudden see a new app in their Bazar app, which they can download, and automatically install, into their Micro Web Operating System.

Out of the box, there only exists one app in my example Bazar, which of course is Sephia Five. However, the installation process is 100% automated, and even a man in the middle attack, won’t succeed, because the web operating system (Phosphorus Five), will verify that the files downloaded have been cryptographically signed, with a trusted PGP key, according to the list of “trusted app distributors”, allowing you to create your Bazar, pointing to multiple other Bazars, where you choose to add only those you trust, up in your trusted distributor file.

Basically, you can create your own personal “AppStore”, without even requiring hosting, as long as you’re able to somehow distribute a .hl file, being your Bazar app declaration file. Or to say this with more accurate words …

The entire infrastructure of Apple’s AppStore, as Free Software, and a ZERO infrastructure requirement!! 😀

In fact, as long as you have a laptop to create code and edit config files, and you have a WordPress account, or a GitHub account, you can effectively outperform Apple’s AppStore, and even distribute closed source apps, for a fee, since it also features automatic PayPal integration – At which point, if you do distribute apps for a fee, the app won’t download to your user’s web servers, before a PayPal purchase has been verified by the root account on the web server, where the installation occurs!

What can I say, 1984 just got smashed!! 😉

For the record, this is a developer preview, and a BETA version, and it does have some quirks. If you’d like to check it out though, you can find the goods at GitHub.

If you wish to create your own package, with your own PGP key, you can use something such as the following.

The zip file, must contain exactly one folder, being your actual app.


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