Cyber Security, the canary bird in the coal mine oath

An extremely large portion of big software companies and projects today, are being coerced into cooperating with intelligence organisations, to consciously create backdoors into their software, which these intelligence organisations can utilise to gain access to these same systems. As the WikiLeaks Vault7 revelations showed us, this is the by far most important security threat in the world today, since these same backdoors can be used by other organisations. So regardless of whether or not you think for instance the CIA and/or NSA has a right to access your data, which I don’t for the record – This creates backdoors in your IT infrastructure, that other organisations can use to break into these same systems, ipso facto potentially giving Al Qaeda or ISIS access to read your private email, or spy on your wife as she is undressing in your bedroom, which is an actual example taken from the “Weeping Angel” project.

When a software vendor is coerced into cooperating with a government organisation to create such backdoors, they’re always also coerced into signing an NDA, or a non-disclosure agreement, where they’ll have to promise to never publicly speak about these backdoors. These NDAs often has wording such as “if you disclose this agreement to the public, you will be criminally prosecuted, risking life in prison”.

Paradoxically, this simple trait of these NDAs, can be utilised to your advantage. Simply since even though you’re not allowed to speak about such things after it occurs, nothing legally stops you speaking about it before it occurs!

The “canary bird in the coal mine” trick is based upon this simple fact. It is basically a sworn oath you can easily give your customers, that you have not created backdoors in your system, or been contacted and coerced into creating such backdoors. Since they (CIA and NSA etc) can legally force you to signing an NDA when they coerce you to create such backdoors, but not force you (legally) to lie under oath, you can use this simple trait to create a sworn oath, that you have not done such a thing.

And even if they could coerce you into lying under oath, they can still not coerce you into lying convincingly, such that a good psychologists, and/or human behavioural expert would catch your lie. Hence, such an oath, should clearly show the important parts of your body, in a high resolution video, allowing for a psychologist to analyse the video, if necessary.

Every time you later create an update to your software product, or a new version, your customers would expect you to create another such sworn oath for its updated version. If no such sworn oath is released, your customers can basically assume your system has been compromised, by you having been coerced into creating such backdoors. Especially if you’re not willing to give such a sworn oath if asked.

This creates a “canary bird in the coal mine” situation, where once the bird stops singing, its users should abandon the product. And only if another new sworn oath is given by the software vendor, they should upgrade their existing systems. Below is my first such oath, hopefully in a long range of similar oaths, promising that I have not consciously created such backdoors in Phosphorus Five, and/or its related products.

Unless your software vendor is willing to give you similar guarantees, such as I give in the above video, you should not trust it, assuming there are backdoors in the system. Simply since the vendor is not allowed to talk about such backdoors if they exist, while at the same time are also incriminating themselves if they create a sworn oath about that such backdoors do not exists, while such backdoors actually do exist!

Hence, a software vendor who have such a collaboration, and have consciously created such backdoors, might be criminally prosecuted if he or she creates such a sworn oath, and his testimonial is a lie!

I would like to encourage you to demand from your software vendor, that unless he or she is willing to create a similar oath, to the one I gave you above – You will leave your vendor, and find alternative systems and/or vendors. This allows you to “smoke out the Judas” in your IT infrastructure, without forcing anyone to break the law.

Send a link to this article/video to your local software vendor, and demand of him to sing, under the threat of that unless he does, you will leave his products. Then let the world know if your software vendor was not willing to give such an oath! Send a link to your local software vendor, on e.g. Twitter or something, and demand of him to sing!

You should never use a software product, unless your vendor is willing to give you a similar oath, as I gave you in the above video!!

Edit – I sent a link to this article to Brendan Eich on Twitter, and he immediately responded with a reply I’ll accept. Brendan Eich is the inventor of JavaScript, and a titan developer over at Mozilla. Today he’s working on the “Brave” browser, which is a really interesting project. If Brendan Eich can do it, so can you 😉


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