The Bazar, a DTC AppStore

When I worked in the winery industry in California, most wineries were obsessed with something they referred to as “DTC”. DTC translates into “Direct To Customers”, and if they were successful in such initiatives, they would often grows their profits by an order of magnitude. The way the wineries would specifically do this in the US, was by attempting to create a personal relationship with their customers, such that they could sell wine to them in the future directly, through e.g. mail order, and similar types of initiatives. My job in these regards, was to create software that incentivised their customers into leaving their email address behind, when they passed through a wine tasting room.

This would reduce any “man in the middle commissions”, and give them control over their own marketing efforts – Contrary to having a distributor in the middle, selling their wines to shops, and often take most of their profits, literally starving the wineries in the process. DTC was considered the “Holy Grail” in wine marketing.

The Bazar, which is demonstrated in the video below, gives software vendors a similar relationship with their customers. By completely circumventing Apple’s AppStore and Google Marketplace, a software company can literally create its own distribution channels, where they distribute web apps, which will simply work on every single client in existence out there. This not only gives them their own distribution channel, but also reduces the development costs of their apps, since they’ll only have to maintain one codebase.

Create an app once, have it work on iPhone, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows – For then to control how it’s distributed yourself.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the value proposal here.

For the record, sorry but I can’t help myself in these regards, and must make a confession. I actually like Merlot. Sorry 😉


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