Spyware Eclipse

Companies that knows a lot about their customers, inevitably becomes tempted into using that information, some ways that its users hadn’t anticipated. It’s simply how human nature is built! The only fix for this, is to completely eliminate this temptation, by allowing people, and companies, to host their own data. Privacy cannot exist in Silicon Valley. It’s 100% fundamentally incompatible with the average Silicon Valley company’s business model.

Phosphorus Five’s goal, is to completely commoditise the infrastructure that built companies such as Google and Facebook, giving it away as Free and Open Source Software, allowing people and companies, to setup their own private little garden of tools, such as GMail, blogging, File Sharing, AppStores, etc, etc, etc. All within the comforts of their own homes, if they wish!

Within days now, I will have a complete web operating system, or a “home cloud system”, if you prefer that name. This system will allow any geek, and/or company, to create their own “AppStore”. It will allow them to host their own “GMail”. And over time, will completely replace the entire value proposition of most Silicon Valley based companies. Next on my TODO list, is File Sharing, then publishing, etc, etc, etc. When I’m done, you can simply run a simple installer script on one of your old laptops, forward a firewall port to your laptop, and basically have your own distribution channel. Everything perfectly encrypted of course, with security measures making even the lunar landing seem like pie …!!

Sorry Google, you’re obsolete!

Check it out, if you don’t believe me …


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