Imagining 8 billion web servers

Did you know, that there’s probably at least 8 billion web servers in the world today? Or rather, to be more specific, there are at least 8 billion old laptops, that could easily be recycled, and turned into web servers. I should know, because I’ve got at least a handful of these laying around myself. And you do too probably. Most people tend to think about these old laptops as dead things, that they should have thrown away a long time ago, since they crashed due to some freakin’ Windows virus or something. Not realising, if they installed Linux on it, it would basically become a state of the art web server. Basically, a nuclear winter survivable, military grade, cryptographically locked down, super-duper safe home cloud, and web server! And the price for doing this? Zero dollars, and half an hour of your time!

In my previous blog, I showed you how I took one of my old laptops, and converted it into a home web server, and personal cloud, in 30 minutes, making me able to access my own personal PGP based encrypted webmail client, securely, from anywhere in the world I might decide to go.

I’ve even created a script, that does most of the heavy lifting. Which implies, that if you’re smart enough to install Ubuntu Server, which basically everybody is, you’re smart enough to create your own personal home web server, and cloud system, from where you can have all your local files, and/or emails, cryptographically secured, in the same type of system configuration, that the MI6, CIA, the NSA and WikiLeaks are using. Basically, a bullet proof cryptographically secured email solution, that you can access from anywhere you are in this world, on every device you own!

Imagine how the world would look like if everybody took out there old laptops from their closets, wiped the dust away, and ran my script. Would that be a better world …?


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