Internet censorship, the solution – Your own personal web server

Google has done it for years, so have Facebook, and now Twitter has joined in. Most Social Media websites, use “artificial intelligence”, to prevent things, they for some reasons don’t want you to read. Don’t believe me, try posting something that has been labeled “fake news” by the establishment on Facebook, and PM your friends, and ask how many of them can see it in their news feed – Without physically visiting your own personal wall.

This way, “non wanted links” will simply never show up, creating a walled garden of lol-cat paradise, where nothing of actual importance, can ever possibly be debated. Of course, the parameters for the algorithms, that “eliminates unwanted information”, is controlled by a few “good men”, as always. Few things have actually changed since the inauguration of Hitler and Goebbels, and my grandfather had to hide his radio in the basement from the Nazis. Or since Plato wrote about the cave allegory for that matter …

I don’t care what side you’re one. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about “the left” versus “the right”. However, unless you can somehow communicate with each other, one way or another, radicalisation of both sides are inevitable. And both sides have an equal right to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

Instead of bitching (too much) about it though, I’ve decided to do what I can about it. Which is to obliterate the control these social media websites have on the world, by simply commoditising their filet mignon; The ability to publish and communicate with your peers! Check out my goods so far in the video below. Next on my list, is file sharing, for then to create some sort of publishing system. Want to help me? Send me an email.

Below is a tutorial-style type of video, that demonstrates how to setup your own server, using an old laptop, in less than 30 minutes.

And here you can check out the details of the recipe. And below you can see what’s at stake …


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