Cypherpunk lessons 101 – Bring a Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is like a condom, you never think you need it, before you do; “No condom, no fucky, fucky!” At least not safely! Hence, you should install the Tor Browser on your computer, and all of your clients in fact, and when you are accessing your home cloud over an insecure network, use your Tor!

The Tor Browser will completely anonymise your HTTP requests, and browsing sessions, by triple encrypting your request, passing it to a random Tor node, which decrypts the first layer, for then to send it to the next network hop. This process continues, until it seems for everyone in between you, and your home cloud, that the access to your home cloud, originated from some random dude, in some random country, making all tracing of your requests, 100% perfectly impossible – Assuming your client is safe that is.

In theory at least, this allows a CIA operative, to use a network belonging to the FSB, to securely access the CIA intranet, over an extreme insecure network, which would do everything it could, to attempt to spy on the browsing session. And the host network, for both the server, and the client, would have no freakin’ idea about who accessed what …


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