Encrypting your corporate emails in 30 minutes – Seriously!

We have just created a new release of Phosphorus Five, and its associated modules today. The most important part, is significantly easing user management, installation, and setup. Basically, you can now install it on a Linux server in 30 minutes (no exaggeration), and have your first email inbox up running 30 minutes after you’ve been given root access to your Linux server.

In the release text of Phosphorus Five, there’s a detailed description of how to get things up running on an Ubuntu Server in no more than three terminal commands, which you can simply copy and paste into your terminal, and you’ll be up running in no time.

One of the things I am particularly proud about with both Phosphorus Five and Sephia Five, is how easy it is to use. Often Linux software, especially when involving complex ideas, such as PGP cryptography, seems to be very difficult to use. Phosphorus Five have reduced the complexity, down to literally a couple of buttons, less than a handful of choices, and completely automated the rest of the process. Below is how it looks like when you compose a new email.

A really cool idea, I personally think, is that the autosuggest feature, does not necessarily display its suggestions in alphabetic order, but rather according to who sent you an email the most recently, matching your search criteria of course.

This means that it will highly likely show the person you want to send am email to as its first suggestion, simply since statistically, it is more likely that you want to send an email to a person who recently sent you an email. Most of the time, you only have to click it in fact, and then choose one of the five first matches. 90% of the rest of the times, typing in a single character will give you the email address of the person you want to send an email to. Hence, choosing a recipe will save you several keystrokes, significantly making things easier on small devices, with clumpy keyboards, etc.

Below is a screenshot of the process of creating new users.

Phosphorus Five is highly modular in design. It is truly a modular web operating system, from the grounds and up. This means that installing new applications into it, is as simple as clicking a button. In fact, the user module, which is called “Peeples”, is nothing but an additional optional “module”. This makes it easy to populate your server, with the exact apps you want to populate it with – Alternatively, easily create your own new apps, that seamlessly integrate with your existing apps.

Phosphorus Five is probably the first truly modular web operating system in the world.

Out of the box, you’re given 5 free user tickets. You’ll need one such “ticket” to create one new user. This means that you can setup 5 email inboxes, for free, without paying as much as a cent.

After you’ve spent your tickets, you can easily purchase new tickets, which will cost you €10 for a “Home installation” and €50 for a “Professional installation” – The latter includes professional grade support. There are no other fees than this, and everything is Open Source and Free Software (free as in freedom) – Below is a screenshot of just how simple it is to purchase additional user tickets.

If you click the above button, you’ll instantly receive your additional user tickets, and can setup as many user as you wish.

Responsive rendering

No web application platform with respect for itself, could possibly exist, unless it had some pretty kick-ass responsive rendering at its core today. Phosphorus Five and Sephia Five is no exception to this rule. Both systems renders perfectly on every imaginable device, and will responsively show content, according to your device’s screen resolution.

In addition, it uses only a fraction of the bandwidth that e.g. GMail uses – In fact, GMail will consume more than 25 times as much bandwidth. This makes Sephia Five and Phosphorus Five a perfect choice for those situations where you’re on a really, really slow internet connection. In fact, I am running my own personal email server out of my own home, on an old laptop, which I have converted into a Linux web server. And I have a standard home internet connection. Still it works perfectly for me. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

Of course, you won’t gain access to Sephia Five on my server, unless I give you a user though. But you can load the desktop, and check out my “welcome app”. Below is a screenshot of how your inbox might look like.

Notice the smileys in the grid above. A happy face means that your email has been sent cryptographically secured, while a sad face means insecure. Below is an example of reading an email.

One thing we’re particularly proud of, is that you can read multiple emails at the same time. Even on your telephone, since each email will simply show up beneath the previously read email. This allows you to cross reference content from multiple emails, possibly as you reply to some completely unrelated email, significantly empowering you in your daily “information battle”.

Use Markdown while composing emails

The composition of emails have been arguably destroyed by some big corporations (coff, coff, GMail, coff Outlook) – However, with Markdown, you can add simple formatting, without learning any complex rich text editors, or WYSIWYG editors, that always for some reasons seems obsessed with messing up your design.

Markdown is the intuitive way of adding formatting, which you’d probably do anyways, if resorting to a default text editor. The following syntax will **make your words or phrases bold for instance**. The following will make your words or phrases *italics*. Creating a numbered or bulleted list, you can probably guess how to do yourself, without me even telling you how!

Having your privacy

Sephia Five will seriously give you privacy. I literally mean that BTW. Not only can you send and receive encrypted emails, automatically, without even thinking about it – You can also expect to (seriously) never again receive a “slot machine” marketing email. This might seem to be a promise impossible to deliver upon, until you realise that Sephia Five will never show you another HTML email. I literally mean **NEVER** for the record!

This will create less cognitive noise for your brain, allowing you to stay within the comfort zone of your privacy, and keep your flow. In addition, the system can be configured to only allow your employees to check their emails at specific times of the day. Which of course, seriously reduces noise, and increases your employees productivity. When we ask you if you “Got Privacy?” – We really mean it!

Curious, check out my installation script, and of course, everything is Open Source 🙂

Literally, 30 minutes after starting, you’ll be sending your first email!

Got Privacy? Get Sephia Five!


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