How much could Paul Joseph Watson earn selling encrypted email?

Disclaimer; This isn’t necessarily an endorsement of Paul Joseph Watson’s political views. I am simply using him as an example because of two reasons;

  1. He’s got a shitload of Twitter and YouTube followers.
  2. He’s apparently lost a lot of his advertisement money lately, due to being labelled as “fake news”, or something on YouTube.

If you’d like to propose somebody on the far left side of the political spectrum for me to do a similar use-case on behalf of, feel free to comment in the section below. Anyways, let’s use Paul Joseph Watson as an example of how to create a shitload of money, by helping us encrypt the world.

Background; We’re giving away 25% of our income to sales partners. Paul Joseph Watson has almost 700,000 Twitter followers. Now to be brutally honest with you, most of these people would probably not be within our primary target market, but let’s imagine 1% of these followers are looking for an encrypted email solution. This results in 7.000 people, working for different companies, and/or organisations, looking for a secure email alternative, to communicate cryptographically secured. Let’s further imagine that about 10% of these people work for organisations or companies, willing to pay for such a solution, and that they have on average 30 employees each.

This results in 700 companies, with 30 employees on average, willing to pay for a secure email alternative, that allows them to encrypt their emails.

Let’s further assume at least 50% of these are able to accurately punch the coupon code, associated with Paul Joseph Watson, to further save 25% of any purchases – This results in 350 companies, with 30 employees each on average.

350 companies, with 30 employees on average, multiplied with €843, becomes a total of €295,050 in gross revenue. Since we give away 25% of whatever we earn through such coupon codes, Paul Joseph Watson’s profit would become stunningly €73,762.50. To sum it up …

Paul Joseph Watson could basically earn 73,762.50 EUROs, without changing anything, besides from adding up a 10-15 seconds trailer to his videos, showing his viewers the benefits of using an encrypted email system, while supplying a coupon code, and a link, making his viewers save 25% of any purchase they do …

Not to bad, if you ask me.

For the record, I have no ideas what so ever if my number are realistic, or too optimistic, or too pessimistic. But if the above numbers holds up, that’s basically Paul Joseph Watson’s profit. As I devised these numbers, I tried to be conservative, to make sure I didn’t exaggerate in any ways though. Let me repeat that number once more …

73 thousand 762 EUROs and 50 cents would go directly to Paul Joseph Watson’s pockets! Without him having to do much to accomplish it, really …

Yet again, if you’d like to propose another person, from the “other side”, with a shitload of social media followers, for me to do a similar use case on behalf of – Feel free to leave a comment below …

If Paul Joseph Watson, or anybody else, are interested in discussing these ideas with us, feel free to use the following form to send us an email …


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