Pay us $$$, and we’ll secure your data!

This is your data in Google’s servers!!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that when a company’s business model, it to steal your privacy, and sell it to the highest bidder – This might not necessarily be in your best interest!

The above paragraph, effectively summed up the “business model” of approximately 98% of every single Silicon Valley company, including Google and Facebook. Believing that these companies can secure your emails, or data in general for that matter, is probably pathologically insanity defined!

We on the other hand, have a really simple to understand business model – We simply charge you! And our product is privacy and data security! Basically, give us dollars, and we’ll give you clothes! Did you understand that, or do I need to explain it further for you …? 😉

Watch the viddi below, and see our value proposition for yourself …

Even Grandma understands this shit!


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