Who do you think can keep your secrets?

Would you trust this guy not to spill your secrets?

I used to live in San Francisco. Most of the guys living there, including the ones working for Google, are faggots and libtards, who’s greatest achievements, and most heroic acts, are playing counter strike for three hours straight, without being killed. They’ve mostly been completely shielded by reality, from within their mom’s house, never having experienced any trauma themselves. None of them have been to prison, they’ve never had a gun pointed at them, never seen a war zone – And in fact, probably none of them have even taken the bus through South Central LA for that matter …

Still you trust them with your privacy, and your innermost secrets – The irony …!! 😛

I’ve had guns pointed at me, so many times, I’ve lost count to be honest with you. I’ve been coerced and tortured into snitching, often by the same guys pointing guns at me for the record. I’ve seen war zones, in every single conflict corner of the world in fact. I know what happens to a snitch. I have seen it, with my own eyes in fact! Who do you think is best suited to make sure your secrets stay just that, yours …?

Facts are, the average Silicon Valley employee, would probably start singing, if somebody abducted his puppy, and sent some toenails in an envelope. And the average Silicon Valley employee has access to everything you have ever said online, or written in an email, or told your friends and colleagues, over “private messages” on Facebook. We on the other hand …

If you can see the problem here, feel free to shoot me an email, using the form below.


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