Sulphur Five – Secure File Sharing

Having access to your files from any device, regardless of where you are, is paramount today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business executive, or a private person. Being able to access your files over the internet today, is a service we almost take for granted. This is at the core of the value proposition of services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, SugarSync, SpiderOak, Tresorit,, and tons of others. However, as we share our files, most of the previously mentioned companies gains access to our files too, in addition to ourselves, and our colleagues and friends. This is obviously often not something we can accept. So I created Sulphur Five.

Sulphur Five is a cryptographically secure file sharing program, that allows you to setup your own home cloud, which you control yourself, from where you can share your files securely. This allows you to share files, such that you control who can access your files – Without having Google or DropBox spying on what files you share. For any company taking industry espionage seriously, the latter point is crucial!

How do you really know if the guys at Google or DropBox doesn’t sell your files to some government agency, or your competitor?

Facts are we know for a fact that these companies do sell your data. Google for instance, have created a hidden user interface, for organisations such as the NSA and the CIA to see your files, when you upload them to Google Drive. In addition, there are thousands of employees in Google that could just as easy as you read your own private files as you can yourself. The only real fix for this, is to store your files, on a device, which you physically control yourself. So I created a Home Cloud system, that does just that!

Above is a screenshot of how Sulphur Five looks like on my system. Of course if you go there, you will only see one file at the moment – While me and my friends will see many more files. I myself, will see all the files I have uploaded there.

This is because I can share files either publicly, protected or private when I upload my files. This allows me to decide who I want to access my files. A publicly shared file, is accessible for the “whole world”, while a protected file is only accessible for me and my friends. A private file, can only be accessed by myself.

When I upload a file, I can create some descriptive text, and associate with my file. In addition, I can associate #hashtags with my files, the same way Twitter allows you to hashtag a Tweet. This makes it easy to find my files later, when I am looking for a special file. Below you can see the edit interface, for editing my files, and associating a descriptive text, a header, and so on with my files.

I can upload multiple files to my private cloud, by simply dragging and dropping them into my browser. Or I can click a button, that allows me to browse for my files. In addition, the system works just as well on my iPhone, Android and tablet, as it does on my Mac and my Windows machine. However, the most important parts of course, is the following.

With Sulphur Five, nobody can see your files, except the ones you want to see your files!

This makes it possible to share your files, with only those who you want to access your files. While nobody can spy on your files, or in some other ways compromise your security. Not even the CIA or the NSA knows which files you are sharing!

Setting up the system, is as easy as executing a script on a Linux server.


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