I offer my services to Equifax

Background! Obviously, Equifax needs somebody to help them with security. If the current analysis of what went wrong is right, then it is literally a walk in the park, to prevent it from happening again. However, security is a mind-set. Security is the Jedi mind-trick of software development, and just like Yoda taught young Skywalker, I can teach Equifax. And to prove it, I challenge any of the security hackers, now analysing what went wrong with Equifax to find a hole in Phosphorus Five. If they can’t, that’ll be proof of that I know what I am talking about – At which point, the Equifax management team, can send me an email at thomas@gaiasoul.com – And I would be more than happy to help them preventing similar situations in the future!

I have already contacted Equifax on Twitter to offer my services 🙂


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