Why doesn’t Google and Facebook ban the Qu’ran and the Bible?

CP9P6T Golden cross and black leather bible

Sarcasm warning; The header is not an actual suggestion, it’s meant to be sarcasm!

A lot of my friends’ websites and blogs have been banned by Google and Facebook lately, because they’ve been marked as “fake news”. My header is an attempt at trying to figure out who gets to decide what is so-called “truth” and what is so-called “fake news”. For instance, some friends of me in Norway, runs a site called Nyhetsspeilet. Lisbeth has just made me aware of that articles from this site, no longer gets more than 1-3 likes on Facebook. A year ago, they would often acquire thousands of likes and shares. Obviously we all know the reasons for this. They’ve been clearly explained, by among other things people like Julian Assange and Facebook themselves for that matter.

I realise that Nyhetsspeilet’s articles probably don’t resonate with all people. Obviously, a lot of their articles are “highly controversial”, to say the least – Spanning from UFO sightings and Annunnaki channeling, to comments on Norway’s role in wars around the globe. However, who gets to decide what is “the truth” and what is “fake news”?

If I told you I believe in Unicorns and Angels, would that make you immediately dismiss everything I say in other subjects?

However, Nyhetsspeilet is no more controversial than neither the Bible nor the Qu’ran in these matters. I realise that many people will object here, but any scientist will silently have to agree with me.

So when I do a search on Google for “The Bible”, why do I get 32 million hits, and when Lisbeth subscribes to Nyhetsspeilet on Facebook, she barely ever gets notified of new articles …?

Can you answer me Marc Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin …?

I am hereby declaring my intent, which is to create a massively distributed publishing system, allowing for anyone to mirror, any articles they see fit, from their own living room, on an old laptop – Just to do my part in changing this behaviour!

It’s simply a matter of faith!

And in my system, believing in Unicorns, Angels, Annunnaki – Or the Bible for that matter – Will be perfectly OK!


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