Hyperlambda, simply superior to C#

For the record; There are things I wouldn’t use Hyperlambda for, but rather rely upon C# to solve – Though, for most practical problems I am encountering in my day to day work as a coder, Hyperlambda is simply superior to C#.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you want to create an Ajax button, that once clicked, retrieves the value of a textbox, and invokes some piece of function on your server, passing in the value of your textbox. In C#, this would require .ASPX changes, C# code, JavaScript code, and Ajax mapping functionality of some sort. Possibly including a whole range of different libraries, such as jQuery or something. There would be 2-3 different programming languages, where pieces of code, are relying upon other pieces of code, created in different languages, to be able to function correctly. In Hyperlambda this is as simple as the following.

      innerValue:Click me!

In C# the equivalent of the above code would explode from 12 lines of code to possibly hundreds of lines of code, including 3 different programming languages – And any change in any parts of my code, would require changes in all other parts of my code. Do I need to continue …?

Sorry for not being sorry, but Hyperlambda is simply superior to C# in almost every single regards!


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