Why React.js’ license terms is irrelevant

Apparently the big tech talk of 2017 is React.js’ license terms. Facebook got so much pepper about their choice of license terms in React.js, that they had to change their license. WordPress ripped React.js out of their products, and the Apache Foundation blocked all React.js components, because of Facebook’s choice of license. The whole discussion is a Trojan horse though, and completely irrelevant. To understand why, you must believe in two assumptions.

  1. Facebook’s strategists are intelligent
  2. Facebook doesn’t want to help its competitors

If you believe in both of the above assumptions, you don’t need to know anything about React.js in order to dismiss it as crapware. If you don’t believe in the assumptions above, Facebook would have gone bankrupt years ago, due to some competitor being able to outperform them and replace their “monopoly”. And in fact, the original license terms of React.js proves that both of the two assumptions above are true. And the fact that Facebook changed their license terms for React.js, proves that their most intelligent strategists didn’t perceive it as a threat to their ability to keep their existing stronghold and “monopoly” on the web. Ask yourself the following question.

Do you really believe that Facebook would help its competitors by giving them access to tools that could somehow threaten their own business model?

If you believe in the above statement, React.js could (possibly) be a brilliant piece of work. If you don’t, you’ll have to admit that it would be theoretically impossible to create great web software using React.js. Simply put because Facebook would never create something that could somehow endanger their own business model, by helping competitors to create great software.

React.js is a piece of shit. Crapware. A turd. And no license is ever going to change that …


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