Become 10,000 times more productive as a software developer

Good ol’ me, havin’ a cigar 😀

I just did some interesting math on this application. I created the web app in 36 seconds, from I started my “IDE”, to the app was deployed on my production server. If you don’t believe me, feel free to watch the video below where I prove it. Notice, the app is finished created, and deployed, in production, 36 seconds after I launch my “IDE”.

36 seconds multiplied by 10,000 becomes the equivalent of exactly 100 hours. If you were to create something similar in ExtJS, Infragistics, Telerik, or any other web/Ajax component library or web toolkit, I think we could all agree upon, that this process would probably require roughly ~100 hours. Feel free to prove me wrong here, if you believe my estimate here is wrong.

This implies that you become 10,000 times more productive with Phosphorus Five than you are with Telerik, Infragistics, ExtJS, etc, etc, etc. Watch the video to see how I do this with your own eyes.

If your time is worth $100 per hour, which probably your manager would agree upon, if you work for a company – This implies that every single minute you’re working as a software developer, and you’re using Phosphorus Five – You’re saving your employer 99.99% of the expenses he needs to pay you to do your job. Simply put because what you needed to spend $100 to do with Telerik, Infragistics, or ExtJS – You can now all of a sudden do for the cost of *exactly* one cent!

Hence, we’re selling not only dollars for a nickel, but in fact 100 dollars for a nickel

Another interesting fact, hence becomes that of the following.

You get your ROI (“Return On Investment”) 1 second and 980 milliseconds after you have purchased Phosphorus Five!

Talk about value proposition 😀


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