AngularJS 1411 LOC, Camphora Five ZERO lines

If I told you to travel around the world, and I told you that you could use any means of transportation you wanted to use, but that the objective was to go around the world as fast as you possibly could. Would you want to use a donkey or a jet plane? What if I told you that I’d give you money according to how fast you were able to finish your trip, would you still use the donkey?

AngularJS is the donkey, and Camphora Five is the jet plane. I just found a tutorial on how to create a CRUD datagrid with AngularJS at CodeProject. The guy who wrote it is obviously a skilled programmer, still his end result looks like the screenshot below.

I downloaded his source code, and I found there to be 1411 lines of code in his tutorial. This implies that you’d probably spend several days creating something similar yourself. In Camphora Five you can create something similar in 5 seconds, and the result will look like the following.

Which of these two screenshots do you think features the most beautiful design?

If I told you that I’d give you $100 to create a grid CRUD app for me, would you want to spend 5 days creating it, or would you want to spend 5 seconds creating it? Almost every single tutorial on “how to create a CRUD grid”, regardless of what framework you’re using, can easily be created in Camphora Five in 5-10 seconds.

Which of these do you think is the better tool?


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