Sephia Five is 450x faster than GMail on neutral parameters

I’ve created a webmail system called Sephia Five. I have measured its bandwidth consumption, and I have compared it to GMail, and it is currently 450 times smaller in footprint on bandwidth consumption than GMail. Check out the profile of both systems for yourself. First comes GMail.

Then you can see Sephia Five’s bandwidth consumption below.

GMail spent 15 seconds loading on my 50Mb internet connection, Sephia Five spent 0.28 seconds loading. Of course, these aren’t neutral parameters, since I am on localhost for Sephia. However, the difference between KB transferred from GMail and Sephia are very much neutral parameters. And that difference is 450x. Gmail us using roughly 4,000KB and Sephia is using 98KB.

This implies that if you’re on a very slow internet connection, where it would require 5 seconds to load the Sephia Five inbox – It would require 37 minutes to load GMail on the same internet connection.

Sephia 5 seconds, GMail 37 minutes – These are neutral metrics

Edit – When measuring speed and responsiveness, there are other parameters that also makes up the end result, besides only bandwidth consumption. However, the bandwidth parameters basically speaks for themselves.


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