Put your Excel files on the web in 36 seconds

Below I am creating a rich web app in 36 seconds. Notice, the video is almost 3 minutes long, but the app is actually finished, and deployed, in production, 36 seconds after I start creating it.

There are millions of uses for such apps as the above illustrate. For instance …

  • Rental systems (libraries, DVDs, etc)
  • Inventory tracking
  • Address books
  • TODO lists
  • Basically, anything you would use Excel for

After you have created the app, you can import a CSV file from e.g. Excel and/or Numbers (Mac OS), and you will instantly have web access to your data from your iPhone, Android, laptop, etc, etc, etc. Basically everything you normally use Excel for, can be ported to become a web app, such as the above illustrates. And you’ll have access to it, from anywhere in the world.

Notice, if you want to import your data from Excel, you’ll need to make sure you’re exporting your CSV file according to the RFC CSV standard. This implies using commas (,) to separate items, and double quotes (“) to wrap items having carriage returns within them, and/or (“) within their values. These are just simple settings though, which you must make sure you apply, as you export your Excel file to a CSV file.

Also notice, this is a data app, and does not have all the features of Excel, such as graphs, formulas, etc. Only “data” Excel files can be exported like the above illustrates.


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