Setup a private DropBox for you and your friends

Expel Big Brother from your life with Phosphorus Five

One of the really kick-ass features of Phosphorus Five is its Sulphur Five application. Sulphur Five is a secure web file sharing system, that allows you to share your files, with your colleagues and/or friends, securely and private. Combined with the Peeples module, this allows you to create as many user accounts in the system as you wish, and have all of these users, securely and privately, share files with each other, as they see fit. Basically no espionage, no “big brother”, and only you and your friends will ever know what you’re sharing, and with whom you are sharing it with.

Interested in hearing more about this? I can set it up for you, such that you basically just pay my fee, and after a couple of hours, you can start using your own private and secure DropBox. If you’re interested in hearing more about this, shoot me an email using the form below.


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