Get a private Phosphorus Five server for €49

The amazing guys at ScaleForce have offered all Phosphorus Five users a free trial for 14 days for your own personal VPS for FREE. Basically, you get $100 for €49, there are no strings attached, unless you continue after the 2 week free trial period, and you don’t need to supply any credit card info to sign up. Their infrastructure is built upon Jelastic, which you can see a highly relevant video about below. Believe me, this is NASA spaceship stuff!

The way it works, is as follows; You supply your email address here, you pay €49 (securely through PayPal), in a setup fee to me, and you get $100 worth of Virtual Private Server, automatically setup with Phosphorus Five – And you get to play with it for two weeks! No string attached! I’m using these guys myself for the sample server for Phosphorus Five, and they’re just simply amazing. One of their Guru developers and sys-admins, has been working with me now, for 20 hours straight, to help me setup an automated deployment model, that’ll basically automatically deploy everything you need, to start playing with Phosphorus Five. And you get $100 basically for free, to use as you want to, for 14 days! At which point you can play around with Phosphorus Five as much as you please!

It’s (almost) a single button deployment of your own Phosphorus Five installation

To give you an idea of what you get, realise that after confirming your email address, and choosing to “Deploy” Phosphorus Five, it’ll setup your own private SSL certificate, configure Apache and Ubuntu, create a Virtual Private Server for you, built on the amazing Jelastic infrastructure, deploy Phosphorus Five, and allow you to take it from there.

  1. Provide your email address here
  2. Pay €49 through PayPal (automated)
  3. Confirm your email address, by clicking the “Activate now” button in the email with the subject of “Welcome to Scaleforce”Don’t do anything more in the dashboard though, after having confirmed your email, and supplied your phone number here
  4. Then click “Deploy now” in the **second** email they send you, which has the subject of “Confirmation of application deploy to Phosphorusfive”
  5. Supply a server salt, a (secure) root password, and watch the video at the bottom of this article

Basically, 5 simple steps, that will create a NASA, Rocket Science, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Star Trek Tech, VPS and VPD for you – Faster than you can boil a cup of coffee! Their infrastructure can do load balancing, CDN, DDoS protection, 3ms hops between 50+ countries, automatic scaling according to actual usage, etc, etc, etc. If I were to simply list up all the features they have in their infrastructure, you’d have a hard time believing me – This is an amazing offer, from an amazing team!

This is worth it, period!

When you’re done, check out the video below. Get your own Hyperlambda spaceship in 5 simple steps!


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