Create your own democracy with a billion QR codes

The Catalan Referendum showed us clearly that democracy is not having a great time in Europe. Videos of soldiers bashing women in the head with batons, doesn’t seem to fly well with the hundreds of millions of people who watched it all over the world. Apparently it was “illegal” for the people in Catalan to vote over their own independence. Basically, Madrid made democracy illegal!

As a software developer, these are simply minor technical issues. In fact, to the extent that I’ve spent one day creating an Open Source and Free Software democracy tool, which you can check out for yourself in the video below. It requires nothing more than 2 inches of real estate, to plaster your own QR code unto, and from there it creates an avalanche of votes, regardless of what the “police” thinks about your democracy.

How’re you going to remove 2 billion QR codes, leading to a server, running in some other country, with thousands of mirrors in every single country on the planet?

With the “Harvester”, every single lamp pole, bus stop, restaurant, coffee shop, etc, etc, etc – Becomes a potential “voting location” for people. Read more here. Or try the QR code below, to test the system.

It can easily be accommodated to serve any needs you have. As I said, I created this in 24 hours!


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