Harvest love from your customers

Imagine if every happy customer you had, told 500 of his friends how amazing you are? And that you could market directly to every single happy customer that ever visits your shop? What would this do to your revenue? Well, you don’t have to imagine. Just watch the video below, and I will demonstrate how easily such a thing can be done.

The above is an example installation of “The Harvester”. If you’d like to test it out for yourself, you can either click this link, or scan the QR code below to test it on your phone.

If you’d like to setup something similar for your own company, then first follow the recipe here. It’ll cost you €49 for a 2 weeks trial. If you don’t want to continue your trial after 2 weeks, you can simply forget about the server, and it’ll automatically be turned off for you. No strings attached!

When your Phosphorus Five server is done installing, open up your “Bazar”, and make sure you install both of these two applications. This is done by simply “dragging and dropping” the following ZIP files into your “Bazar”.

This will install your “administrative dashboard”, which you can find on your Phosphorus Five desktop, and which is called “star-rater”. Below is a screenshot of how the administrative dashboard for your Harvester will look like.

From your dashboard, you can export a CSV file, which allows you to import your emails into another software system, such as for instance Vertical Response, or something similar – Which allows you to create “email blasts”, marketing your service/product to thousands of customers at the same time.

Of course, if you wish to proceed with your trial, after the 2 weeks trial period, you’ll have to talk to Scaleforce to have a permanent server, and supply them your billing information. In addition, you’d probably want to pay the €198 license which allows you to remove the promotional link about the GaiaSoul Suite. However, you can test this for your own company, for no more than €49, and there are no strings attached, and no VISA required. A simple PayPal purchase, and you can try it out for 2 weeks for your own company.

If you want to have your own profile on the rater, to make its design resemble whatever design you’re using for your company from before – This can be easily done by contacting us, and asking us for a quote. Use the form below to contact us, and we’ll give you a quote.


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