What is an email address worth?

About 10 years ago, somebody did research on this in regards to the winery business, and they found a single email address to be worth roughly $35 in more sales. Notice, these were email adresses from people who had attended a wine tasting, in a wine tasting room, in what they found to be a “special location”, on a vacation, they were highly likely to only make once or twice during their lives. And of course, in the US you’re allowed to ship wines to customers using mail orders. However, facts are, that an email address from a happy customer is worth its weight in gold – IF you use it correctly!

Everyone knowing anything about marketing will tell you it’s about two things. Engaging the customer in a dialogue, and storytelling.

Who’s story should we tell then?

This is the easy one; The customer’s story of course duh!! If you have a happy customer, you should let him tell his story. If he does, a single happy customer can easily be converted into dozens of more happy customers. Imagine if you could turn every single happy customer into 5 more happy customers? What would this do to your revenue …?

Seriously, do I really have to explain this …? 😉

Please tell me you get this …

And if the customer is not happy, he never gets to see the “Share button”, preventing your business from being faceraped in public! Still don’t get it, watch the video below.

Of course, the easiest way to get this running, would be to let us know what you think of our idea, by scanning the QR code below 🙂

At which point we’ll contact you, and help you setup something similar for your own business. The starting price is €49, which allows you to test this for 14 days, no strings attached! Of course, if you’re already convinced, you can also simply send us an email, and we’ll get the dialogue started immediately!


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