My 5th Symphony

I have created computer code since I was 8 years old. I am 43 today. I know roughly 25 different programming languages, and I have probably spent (waaaaaaay) more time with computers, than I have spent with human beings – Due to a pretty severe Asberger condition for the record. Other developers who pair-program with me, tend to refer to me as “the machine”. If there existed such a thing as “world record in KLOC”, I’d probably win by an order of magnitude ahead of the guy coming in second. I can create software systems 2-4 orders of magnitudes faster than anybody else I have met. As long as you can explain to me what you want.

Maybe you find me bragging? However, it is important to understand the above simple facts, since other things are difficult for me to explain. Besides, the above is anyways simply my Curriculum Vitae. If you watch the video below however, I guarantee you with 100% certainty, that you will see at least 5 things you have never seen in a computer system before. It’s a little bit lengthy (roughly 8 minutes) – But if you use your eyes, it will change your life!

Phosphorus Five is Open Source, and you can download its code here. Ohh yeah, almost forgot the most important part …



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