Why is Mark Zuckerberg afraid of my software system?

Mark scrutinising Facebook for links about Phosphorus Five

My software system has obviously been labelled a “persona non grata” by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. I have tested this myself many times, by sharing blogs about it, and asked friends of Lisbeth to check out their walls – Only to realise nobody can see my blogs – Unless they explicitly visit Lisbeth’s profile. If I write a blog about anything else besides my software system, it will generate tons of likes, shares, and comments. But anything shared on Facebook that contains information about Phosphorus Five, seems to vanish in a “black hole of censorship”

In case you don’t believe me, realise that both of these two links contains almost the exact same content – Except one of them mentions my software system. Notice the difference in likes …

Why are you afraid of my software system Mark Zuckerberg?

You can test this out for yourself in fact. Try to share this link on your Facebook wall, and then ask your friends on PM to check out their walls, to see if they can see the link. Or try to share this blog for that matter. My guess is it’ll get ZERO likes …!!

If you want to try to answer my question for yourself, you can watch the video below. Maybe that’ll enlighten you …

If I had the money to pay a lawyer, I would sue Facebook, over breaking American law, which is supposedly created to facilitate for preventing that big companies exploit their position to prevent competitors from innovating. Unfortunately, I don’t have that money. Besides, I have been thrown out of Facebook myself, and I no longer have an account there for myself. The last article I shared, that got me thrown out, was an article featuring the following image. The image was the reason why I was thrown out, apparently it, according to Facebook, quote “showed pornographic material”.

Which makes you wonder about the sexual appetite of some Facebook employees I guess you could argue …

However, I do have a lot of amazing friends. Maybe some of them could go over to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile, post a link to this article, and have Mark answer a simple question?

Why are you afraid of my Software System Mark Zuckerberg?

For the record …

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every last one of your 55,000 likes Mr. Zuckerberg, but I would appreciate if at least ONE of them were likes for my Software System. Below you can see the video which by now, probably have ~20+ likes …


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