Can you communicate with your computer?

I don’t mean silly speech recognition or speech synthesis for the record – I literally mean communicate. For instance, can you communicate your ideas and intentions to your computer, and have it communicate its ideas back to you?

The reason why I ask, is because that’s arguably what makes us humans human. Even the Bible refers to this in John 1:1, arguably – Implying that, I can find any English speaking person on the planet, and we can have a dialogues with each other, bounce ideas to each other, have the other party semantically understand what we’re talking about, and then reverse the process, allowing the other party to inject ideas into our minds. This is at the foundation of of what we often refer to as “communication”.

Below you can find a piece of Hyperlambda. Traditionally, there have only existed two distinct different types of programming languages; Interpreted languages and compiled languages. Both of these have the same traits though, which is that the computer does not in fact understand these languages. They both need to be transformed into something else, before the computer can understand what we as humans are trying to communicate to it. Hyperlambda is in neither of these categories.

  innerValue:Click me ...
      innerValue:I was clicked!

Hyperlambda at its core in fact, is not a programming language. It is simply a tree structure. Such tree structures, or “graph objects” to use the technical term – Just so happens to allow us to describe what I often refer to as “execution trees”. Execution trees are piece of logic, which a computer can understand directly, without having to “interpret” or “compile” it into something else. You can read more about this  in my MSDN Article about Hyperlambda.

This simple trait of Hyperlambda, literally means that your computer can understand it, without any interpretation process or compilation process occurring in between your code, and its understanding of it. This happens to create another highly interesting side-effect, which is that your computer can actually communicate its ideas back to you, in the form of Hyperlambda.

Hyperlambda hence becomes a common communication platform for computers and humans, and the first of its kind actually!


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