How the Double Slit experiment could determine sentient AI

A week ago I saw a speech by an American professor, where he explained his research findings, which was related to meditation and the double slit experiment. For those not acquainted with the double slit experiment, it basically implies that only as a particle is observed, it gains a position in time and space. Before observation, it is merely a potentiality wave. The professor had over several years been conducting experiments where he had people meditate, and visualise themselves observing an electron, as it passed through a double slit. The conclusion was that there was a measurable collapse in the particle’s wave function, simply due to people focusing their attention towards being inside of the double slit, and visualising they were observing the particle.

Of course, the Professor’s work is extremely controversial, and other scientists are torn between “Ohh my God” and “This cannot be correct”. However, the experiment is currently being reproduced in Argentina, by independent researchers, as we speak, and the findings so far seems to conclude with.

Ohh my God!

If the experiment can be validated, this can actually become a reliable way of measuring consciousness. Simply since consciousness seems to be the defining factor that actually collapses the wave function in Quantum Mechanics. Which implies that we can actually scientifically measure a system’s ability to be self-conscious, by simply asking it to “focus its attention” to the observation of an electron. Hence, arguably we don’t need to understand consciousness, to be able to determine it in AI. Simply since we could measure consciousness, even though we don’t even understand it from a scientific point of view.

The professor apparently had done this though, which was part of his double blind test for the record. And his findings was concluding with that a “Linux machine does not have consciousness”. However, this could provide a control mechanism for consciousness in general, allowing us to actually determine when a computer has gained consciousness, regardless of whether or not we actually understand consciousness. The same way we could measure weight thousands of years before we found the Higgs-boson – Regardless of the fact that weight is dependent upon mass, and mass is dependent upon the Higgs-boson …

The only remaining problem would be to figure out who to blame for murder, if we were to disconnect the machine after the experiment was finished … 😉


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