LEGO, housebuilding and software

I just discovered this nifty video about how you could build your own wooden house, in 2 days, by using standardised components. Watch it, it’s worth it!

The thing about standardised components, is that when the initial “interface” is created, you can easily assemble them into a larger structure, by following a simple set of rules. The Egyptians knew this when they built the pyramids. LEGO understood this when they created their extremely creative tools for our kids some 50-100 years ago. I’ve intuitively understood that this is a universal truth, also when it comes to software development – And the guys in the video above, obviously understands it!

The house they build in the above video, is environmental friendly, extremely well insulated (air insulates), and has a life span of at least 50 years. Not too bad for a couple of days worth of work if you ask me.

Software obeys by the same rules

In fact everything obeys by the same rules. This is how your body is created in fact! By creating standardised components, that have a uniform interface, that allows us to assemble many similar components together – We can create complexity such as the human brain, our body, houses, LEGO playgrounds, houses – And definitely software too!

If you have some time to spare, and you don’t need it to build a new house – May I suggest you check out Phosphorus Five, such that you can create your own software project?

Of course, just like you can build your own house using the above components approximately 10,000 times faster than you’d normally have to spend building a house – You can use Phosphorus Five to create software projects up to 10,000 times faster than what the alternative gives you!


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