How Twitter, Facebook and YouTube destroyed my life

There are many ways to read my life’s story. One of its edges, is that I had my life destroyed completely by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Since my story is like an angry chewing gum, impossible to get out of my hair, I have chosen to simply tell it myself, such that you can read it how I saw it.

In case you want to read the weirdest autobiography ever written, you can go check it out here. In fact, to make sure I am able to avoid having censorship killing it once again, I created my own tool to allow it to be published. If you’ve got a good book inside of you, and you want to write it, publish it, and sell it for money – Feel free to use my tool to do just that. It’s not entirely stable yet, and has some quirks here and there, but it should start coming together hopefully soon …

If you get in trouble as you read it, shoot me an email at and I’ll fix it for you … 🙂


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