If Julian Assange was a Russian spy, could you blame him?

According to Hilary Clinton Julian Assange is a Russian spy. This is of course something that Julian Assange has denied. However, if he in fact was a spy for the Russians, could you blame him?

He’s been persecuted now for almost a decade by the ones who were supposed to be his “allies”. The same government that is claiming to be the “champions of free speech”, have been chasing the poor guy for simply speaking, for almost a decade. This implies, that if Julian Assange was a Russian spy, he has effectively been recruited into FSB, through Hilary Clinton’s actions, making him desperately seeking shelter from lies and false accusations, in whatever camp was willing to provide shelter to him, and help him win against these false accusations.

So arguably, if we were able to prove that Julian Assange was in fact a Russian spy, this would obliterate Hilary’s reputation, for having chased him into the arms of her enemies. And Julian Assange is a guy who you do not want to have as your enemy! When somebody have been hunted by their friends for a long time, at some point, they will inevitably seek shelter amongst the enemies of the ones doing the hunting. This is simple logic, and easily understood by everyone. Basically …

If Julian Assange is a spy for the Russians, then Hilary Clinton recruited him, and is arguably his handler …

Sorry Hilary, this is an argument you cannot win …


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