Julian Assange says he’s a homosexual

What is the value of social media such as Reddit.com, Facebook and Twitter, when people only read the headlines, and then chooses to up vote or down vote, according to their pre-existing belief system?

This blog is an attempt at proving my point. After I have published it, I will submit it to Reddit and Twitter, to check out how many people actually read it, before wildly sharing it, to spread their existing belief, due to whatever reasons they might have for doing such a thing. My thesis is that most people will simply choose to wildly sharing it, all over the world, simply because its header resonates with whatever they believe in the first place. Hence, it echoes their existing world view, and hence they no longer care what its content actually is, and don’t spend any time to actually read its content.

Notice for the record, I have absolutely no reasons to believe that Mr. Assange is a homosexual. I highly doubt it, and the header of the blog was simply click bait, to illustrate how shallow the world has truly become, because of social media. Hence, this article was consciously created to serve as #FakeNews …

If you encounter this article, shared on the web somewhere, please don’t comment and give away its actual message. Just let those who wants to share it, believing it confirms their existing belief, continue doing just that …


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