Sorry, I refuse to deny that I was wrong

Some days ago, I made a fool of myself. I accused WordPress of stealing my cookies, in two blogs, because I couldn’t see any other reasons for the behaviour I saw at my own home web server. It seemed to be the biggest security hole since Snowden, and I reported it to “all over the place”.

At some point an observant Reddit reader made me aware of that this was in fact expected behaviour, and a part of the RFC explaining how cookies are supposed to work. It made me feel embarrassed and stupid. The fact of that I was wrong, is further embarrassing me, due to that this is an area where I am supposed to be an “expert”. However, instead of removing the post, I edited it, and confessed my sins.

Later some few readers encouraged me to remove the blog, and simply be silent about the whole incident. Of course, this would have made me appear much less stupid, and could possibly have saved my “honour”, at least in the public space. However, I refused to do that, and chose to let the article stay as it was, and chose to edit it instead, admitting how stupid I was.

There’s a lot of things that are wrong with this world. However, when we as humans add to this, and we later try to hide the fact that we were wrong, this simply creates further grief.

Two wrongs never make a right, so therefor I refuse to commit two wrongs, by denying that I was wrong

I was wrong, I jumped to conclusions, and in doing so I made accusations that was not right. If admitting this makes me more stupid, so be it, I’d rather feel stupid for a while, than spend the rest of my life trying to hide how stupid I was …

Dear WordPress, I made false accusations, and I was wrong. I am sorry for that, and I apologise. Hope we still can be friends šŸ™‚


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