An unbelievably flexible create, build, and deployment model for web apps

Sometimes when I try to explain Phosphorus Five, I feel as if I am trying to explain the concept of “air” to a caveman, who have never even known about its existence. For instance, I am currently discussing whether or not Hyperlambda is simply an inferior version of Lisp, or if it has intrinsically unique qualities, and hence is worthy of its own existence. The guy obviously knows tons about computer programming theory, compiler theory, Lisp, and is obviously incredibly smart -Still, it seems (almost) impossible for me to explain the advantages of the dynamic nature of Hyperlambda. Hence, I’ll try to instead of explaining, try to simply “click and show”, such that hopefully it becomes more clear …

When Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein was quarrelling about whether or not the moon exists in 1927, Heisenberg became tired after a while, and said the following

Stop arguing and do the math

I feel for paraphrasing him, and say something like the following

Stop arguing, and let’s code

When you’re confronted with something that doesn’t (quite) resemble anything you’ve seen before, it is often difficult to see the advantages. However, if you watch the video above, hopefully I don’t even have to explain them, since it’s arguably a self explanatory concept. And if it isn’t, it sure as hell becomes pretty clear after having created an app or two …


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