Pay2Play, writing a book and charging for it

Pay2Play is our latest family member in the Phosphorus Five suite of modules. It is actually quite simple to understand. It allows you to write a book, publish it, and charge for access to it, through its automatic PayPal integration.

It was inspired by my Saxophone teacher, which actually made me realise you can charge for access to YouTube videos, by making sure you upload them as “unlisted”, which allows you to embed them into for instance a website of some sort, and such allow the website to be the only entrance to finding the YouTube video(s). This makes it a perfect match for teachers, wanting to tutor people using YouTube, while still make it possible to earn money doing so.

I have written my autobiography with it, which arguably is a “weird autobiography” (be warned), as an example of usage. The easiest way to get started, is to install Phosphorus Five, for then visit your Bazar and install it from there.


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