I will create a computer programming IDE using plain English as input

OK, so I have finally figured out a really kick-ass project to do, and it is an IDE for creating computer programs, which understands plain English, allowing me to have conversations such as the following illustrates.

  • [Computer] What do you want me to do?
  • [Me] Add a widget to my form
  • [Computer] What type of widget should I add?
  • [Me] A literal widget, of type div
  • [Computer] Do you want to apply some CSS classes to it?
  • [Me] Yes, make it 50 percent width and use the background red class

Etc …

Don’t believe me, watch this video, and realise I can easily reverse the process … 😉

I still haven’t created as much as a single line of code in these regards, but I figure it’ll probably be done in some few days 😀


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