Learn a new language in ZERO minutes

I’ve created a little app, that allows you to teach yourself any new language you want to learn. It basically allows you to type in some phrases, into a textbox, for then to have the app translate these phrases, into any destination language you want to learn – For then to have you repeat the phrase back to your computer. If you’re able to successfully repeat the phrase, you get a “green box”. If you fail, you get a “red box”. The app supports roughly 50-100 languages, depending upon which browser you use. Swedish, Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swahili, etc, etc, etc – It’s basically all in there! Watch the video below for a little demonstration.

Motivation for creating my little app

For more than a year I’ve been living in Cyprus, and it has bothered me that I still don’t speak Greek. I’ve been looking for courses, both online and offline, and I’ve even got a handful of apps on my iPhone, which is supposed to teach me Greek. But they all suffer from some ridiculous lack of flexibility, either by not teaching me what I want to learn, or by not being easily used. Hence, I decided I might just as well create my own little app. And in the process of course, give it support for all languages on the planet. Basically it’s a perfect Babel fish, or Rosetta stone if you wish …

Test the app here!


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