Voice based chat client

I have just created a voice based chat client, which you can test out here. It basically allows you to “chat” with anyone, using your voice as input, and having it read out loud what the other party is saying using speech synthesis.

Before you dismiss this idea, I’d like to say that this actually has a lot of really cool advantages. For instance, it allows you to have a chat with a person, without using your eyes to read what they’re saying. Implying you can “chat” with somebody while driving your car for instance. In addition, it is way faster to speak to for instance your mobile phone, than it is to write using a keyboard. The third and most important point, is that it arguably in a way works like a phone call, except it uses **TINY** amounts of bandwidth, since it’s just sending the text to the server and back again, allowing for semantically storing the text being spoken about in a database, as text, allowing for “searching through your phone calls”, using text searches – In addition to allowing for it to be installed and used on really slow internet connections.

It’s kind of like a phone, only better 😉

Unfortunately it only seems to work with Google Chrome for the moment, since this is the only browser that supports the VoiceRecognition APIs fully. But FireFox used to have support previously, and I think they’re working on it. Opera also seems to have this feature, but I’ve not been able to make it work on my iPhone. I also haven’t figured out how to make it work on Chrome on my iPhone, but at least it works on my desktop.

Let me know how it’s working for you. Yet again, you can test it out here. You can see a video demonstrating it below. For the record, it doesn’t store any historical data, except the 10 last items though. And if tons of people are speaking simultaneously, it might “drop” items, since it only stores the last 10 items. However, not bad for a couple of hours of work I’d say 😀


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