A Babel fish telephone

The Babel fish was known for being able to translate between every language in the Universe. You put it in your ear, and it would translate whatever it heard, into your native language.

“A Jew, an Arab and a Chinese walks into a bar on the internet, and discuss philosophy and religion with each other, and leave as friends.”

Literally all problems on the planet comes from misunderstandings. Hence, if we can facilitate for more understanding, we can facilitate for more peace and less problems. As an experiment, I have created a Babel fish chat client/telephone, that allows anyone to speak with anyone, regardless of what language they speak, and my Babel fish app, will translate between all languages automatically.

It’s not perfect, I admit. But it’s definitely an interesting experiment. It works using Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis and Google Translate to translate between all possible languages. I am not sure how many languages it supports, but I think it should support all commonly used languages on the planet, some really obscure languages from the Amazon rain forrest etc excluded.

Watch me demonstrate the app in the video below. You can test the app here. For the record, unfortunately Google Chrome seems to be the only supported browser …


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