The language of computing

For years I have had a hunch. The hunch was that computer programming is really a form of communication. If you think about it from a philosophical point of view, it makes sense too: You write code, you evaluate your code, and the computer responds to your code. There’s really not much difference to this and how we interact with humans: You create words, you allow a human being to hear or read your words, and the human responds to your words.

Today roughly 2% of the population of the western hemisphere knows how to communicate with computers. The numbers are even smaller in other more rural parts of the world. This creates a dilemma, especially as computing becomes increasingly important in our societies. To illustrate why, try to imagine that the Earth was colonised by super intelligent aliens, and that these aliens started impacting and controlling our lives. Then imagine that only 2% of human beings knew how to communicate with these aliens …

To even the odds, we as programmers, have a duty to “lower the bar” in regards to this “communication”. Unless we can allow for all humans to communicate with computers, we will see a fork of humanity, into the “cannot” and the “can”, where the once who knows how to communicate with computers, will become the new elite – And the once who cannot communicate with computers, will end up becoming second grade humans.

For 10 years, this have been my sole purpose: Allowing everyone to communicate with their computers, and facilitate for making everyone able to tell their computers what they should do.

In the beginning there was the word, the word was with God, the word was God.

And if the word only stayed with 2% of the world’s population, then darkness would have encircled the world …

Watch the video above, and explain to me the difference between what I do in the video above, the art of creating computer code, and the art of communicating with human beings – And I will lay down my work, and start flipping burgers …


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